I've recently acquired two Nikon SB-15 speedlights ($20 each!) that I want to use for macro work, mounted on either side of a lens. These units have an MD mode that cuts the power quite a bit for quick recycling. According to my flash meter, I should be able to shoot at f/11 (effectively f/22) on ASA 100 film when focused at a 1:1 ratio.

I'll probably use it on an F or F3 body with an adapted Mamiya 50mm ZE macro lens but I might also use it with the RB67.

At any rate I'm looking for suggestions on mounting hardware for hand-held or tripod use. I know brackets for this purpose were once made...

Also I was planning on syncing the flashes with a PC-socket y-cord, but I am so far unable to locate such a cable. I know Nikon used to make TTL cables for this purpose... but I don't really need TTL. Any ideas?