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With the Nikon body on the back, this is going to be a fancy macro bellows with movements

This was what I was thinking. I have no interest in having movements on a 35mm camera for any use other than macro work. But seeing this did get me thinking...put a Nikon body on the back of my Cambo and a Nikkor 35mm on a reversing ring on the front...it could be a lot of fun. Of course it'll require more light than every lamp and worklight I own combined...but it could be fun for long exposures and light painting.

I'll probably knock something up out of hobby plywood and some adapter rings I have sitting in drawers just to see what I see. Focusing's going to be a true bear, though.

As for the MF, I'll just use the Graflex back I already have. This could easily become my project for the next week or so now that I seem to have picked up a cold and have no interest in going out in the snow.