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There are some APUGers from OH, PA, MI, and more who sporadically gather at the Cuyahoga National Park on the eastern end of OH. It's a good group - just keep your eye on threads on this area to see when something gets planned again. If that's too far for you, come up with something near you to shoot and you may be able to entice some to travel your direction.
Thanks for the insight. I used to live in Rocky River up by Cleveland and enjoyed the area... in the summer! Hope to find this gathering and attend.

The one really big event here is the Dayton Air Show, although I get burned out on it year after year it can be great fun with press passes, you can go just about anywhere and shoot from some incredible angles.

There is a lot of beautiful country here too but as one who has lived in this area for a while, I oftne thing of other places first before my own back yard.