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I should add that I don't enter shows to win prizes. It's nice if I do win, but it's not my motivation. I would be very discouraged if it were. I show my work because I want to share it and to build my CV. Framing and shipping can be very expensive, but over time, my work gets framed and ready for the next show.

Just to be clear, my motivation is not necessarily to win. It's to get the work into shows for the most part, and I've had enough rejections that I've learned not to take it personally.

I just get annoyed with competitions that don't offer something in the way of award. It feels like a ripoff... you pay to play, and they get some great stuff to show on their otherwise empty walls. So, if the prize is, I don't know, a camera bag, and the entry fee is, say $50 then I'm likely to pass. Black and White Spider awards seem pricey to enter, and not much in the way of benefit, for example.

If the entry fee is more like $25, with, say a $300 award or that a winner's pic will be purchased for a museum collection, then I'd say that's worth it. It's important, it seems to me, to be sure that you know what you are entering, and if you are selected what you will need to do, and how much it might cost you to get your pictures on a wall.