I have done some more planning. Suggestions most welcome. Trip will be Sept 1-17. First stop Quebec City (3 nights), Tadoussac ( 2 nights), Matane (1 night), Shippagan, NB (2 nights), Bouctouche (2 nights), Nova Scotia-not sure where yet (3 nights) St Andrews NB 3 nights), Portsmouth NH (1 night then return to Bucks County PA.

This is not a full photo trip, as I had that earlier this year to Death Valley. Nonetheless my sister in law will be along to shop with my wife so I can photograph.

Questions: Is this a decent itinerary? Are there places mentioned above that don't make sense when there are others in the vicinity more preferable?
I know this is a bunch of judgements, but opinions are what I am after.
Any specific charming inns in any of these locations that will get me off the hook so I can photograph more?