Hi All,

John suggested I introduce myself as I plan to attend the gathering.

A short bio of me is, I'm old, well not that old, but studied the zone system under Arnold Gassen at Ohio University in my hippy days in the 70’s. I was taught my basics by my grandfather and father as a kid, sitting on a stool in the dark bathroom telling them when every 30 seconds went by from a luminous pocket watch. Had no idea why or what I was doing but remember being too scared to try to get off that high stool in the dark. 30 seconds, 30 seconds, 30 seconds.

Presently I like to shoot my 6X6 second hand Hassy, have a 40 C T*, 80 CF and 150 CF for it. I just recently sold my Mamiya 1000S with 55, 80 and 150, having two systems just was eating my lunch. Dad taught me on his Leica IIIF so I have an M2 with Leitz, Zeiss and CV lenses. A Leica Flex SL, an R4Mot too. My loving wife put an M8.2 into my hands on our 1st wedding anniversary. I have a Tachihara 4x5 but I have very little trigger time on it. I used to work for a studio and did food photography and table top catalog things but just haven’t had the free time to shoot a lot with it so the camera is pristine but my brain is rusty.

The pay check comes from the Air Force (civilian) and I teach video production at Sinclair College as an adjunct. Sue, my bride runs her own business called Kettering Glass, has since she got out of high school.

Sue and I have been married about a year and a half; she is a gem and a keeper! She is a bird watcher, author and guide. She will be at Margie Marsh (?) outside Toledo on this May weekend for the returning migration to Canada. She is really something when it comes to identifying any species of birds, their lives, migration and such. We love to be outside but I am not a great wildlife photographer (yet). I do have access to big glass like 300, 500 and 800mm Nikon lenses but here again, not enough trigger time to be an expert.

So, you get.03 cents back for your nickel tour of my life. I look forward to meeting all of you.