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Puts me in a good mood just seeing this thread pop up every so often! Can't wait to get back... and maybe check out the "harder to get to" fall down from Blue Hen you were telling us about, John? If anyone is interested in making the trek with me!

And of course if you decide to do some shooting of your own during this round, John, my offer of carrying each others packs is still good.


As usual, most generous of you. The hike to Buttermilk Falls is only about a mile one way from the Blue Hen parking lot. Parts of it are very narrow along the edge of the high banks of the stream and have fallen away. The park has put up a sign at Blue Hen saying that the trail ends there. The girls and I will happily walk there but thanks I donít want to be responsible for your gear. Our Hiking Hounds group went four miles last Sunday at a different place. I caught a stick between my feet. Those beside me said it was a very impressive roll for a 70 year old. Nothing was broken.

Last time I was at Butter Milk Falls one of the Hiking Hounds dogs tried to climb the falls. A large tree had fallen over the falls. That was an interesting shot, but not nearly as interesting as when itís master tried to follow it. It is a lovely place. It might make a very interesting picture for anyone wanting to go.