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I print mostly 4x5 so when I mix 500ml of amidol I'm adding a full 3 grams of KBR directly (not in a solution) to the mix.
It warms the cockles of my heart to hear that another contact printer is making lots of small prints. Almost all the prints I showed at Steve's weekend this year were 4x5. People seemed to respond well to the intimacy of them.

As to the restrainer in your formula: by my reckoning your concentration of KBr is 20 times that which Michael Smith uses. Doesn't that restrain your developer, like...overly?

(The arithmetic: 10% solution is 10gr KBr in 100ml of water. Therefore a 30ml measure of 10% solution would contribute 3gr of solid KBr, which is what you use. Since MAS adds 3ml of 10% solution to 1 liter of amidol working solution and you're only using 1/2 liter of working solution, you end up with 20 times the concentration of KBr that he does. Wow.)