Toyo Field Camera lens board (110X110mm) with Copal 3 hole (65mm)
$40 Shipped Anywhere

Lens helical for Mamiya 100/3.5
$15 Shipped Anywhere

Shutter for Mamiya 100/3.5 - Shutter works fine but is missing some screws that hold the aperture adjustment ring on the rear of the shutter and the plastic tab that you grasp to adjust the aperture is broken off, the PC connector is also missing. (I harvested a few pieces to fix another shutter)
Free ($5 shipping anywhere)

Lens cells for Mamiya 150/5.6 - Front cell is in good condition with a few cleaning marks, rear cell has some edge separation but I dont think it will affect photos much if any.
Free ($5 shipping anywhere)

Photos are here:

Paypal for payment unless you dont have it and I guess I could take a M/O or check if you really want the items.