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I'm rather confused as well as I wanted to let Scott know what info was available in the UK, one problem is that information is spread across publications and articles and in fact his Workshop is an ideal way to pass on the relevant information.

Tom, I'll find the links later but I'll also see what books I have in storage here in the UK, I know one is sat on my book shelf in Turkey. You can borrow them if there any help to you.

One gives a complete lis of UK galleries who exhibit photography and sates the exhibition policies etc. It's quite normal for decent galleries to book exhibitions up to 3 years in advance.

Ian- I think something just got a bit muddled in the translation. I didn't think you were trying to undermine the class I'm teaching, but it came across as being a bit of "here's an alternative to the class that you can get for free by searching these materials online". Which struck me as odd, since you're not that kind of person. Please note that after I've had a chance to fine-tune the class, I will be posting an article here on APUG covering my salient points. I'll be writing the detailed syllabus this weekend. None of the ideas I'm presenting are brain surgery, and I'm sure the more iconoclastic out there will take issue with the conventionality of the style I'm describing. I am looking forward to putting it together in a single format though, because there really isn't anything out there. I learned it by seeing LOTS of really bad exhibits, putting up a few myself, and then figuring out what really works by observing good shows too.

While I advise sticking to certain conventions of exhibiting (keep frames at eye level, allow breathing room between frames and between the image and the frame, presentation should not distract from or detract from the artwork, etc), I'll also present a few ideas for how to break from convention if you really want to (the same rules apply for breaking conventions as adhering to them - be consistent, conscientious, and make sure what you do helps MAKE the point of your work). I'll also consider posting the class on YouTube if I can get someone to help videotape the presentation.