In my experience there usually is a residual damage to the coating after the haze and fungus are removed. Since the brightness range of negatives is less than that of a typical scene, enlarging lenses tend to do just fine with that residual coating damage.

I went in search of some fungus ladden lenses and for an average of $10 each I got these 3 lenses (shown in the picture below). They are all six-element Schneider Componon f5.6 lenses in Durst mounts. I took them apart and cleaned them. They are all much improved, but still have permanent damage to the coating. Side-by-side comparisons to some new Schneider Componon-S lenses showed nearly identical performance.

Enlarging lenses are pretty easy to get apart. 35mm taking lenses can be tricky. I have taken apart some Rollei QBM lenses, but each brand has its own quirks.