Hi, on the hunt for a 35mm point and shoot for some downtown street photography. Typically I am a very sloooow photographer and find my attempts at street work fail miserably because I am not quick enough so miss shot after shot. I am thinking a little point and shoot with good glass and loaded with tri-x may provide more enjoyment for me when doing street work. Is there are huge difference between the yashica T3 and contax T3? How much lag do these little cams have? I don't think I could swing the expense of the Contax but the Yashicas are reasonable right now. Anything to be cautious of if Buying either or should I look at something else? I hear mention of a nice olympus but I think the extra sharpness and contrast in the CZ glass will be what I'm after. Does anyone have some good scans from either camera to share in this thread? Thanks!