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I just received an email from Peter Baranow - who is the boss at Vanbar - they ARE still suppling raw chemicals:

"You know you’re the third or fourth person who has told me we are getting out of raw chem. Unfortunately I was never told about this, and considering I am the person who makes these decisions you would have thought that I would know.

The only chem. That we are not selling any more are those that arte physically not available . Things like Glycin and Phenidone where we cannot source these any more.
But otherwise its all business as usual. In fact I just yesterday authorizes a large order for several lots of bulk chem."
OK I tried once more at Vanbar Camperdown (Mr Baranow doesn't answer MY e-mails) for Sodium Thiosulphate, a common and safe chemical, but hard to find at prices apart from those for a much higher grade than required:

"It's on the newly designed website -- admittedly with a picture of a jar of another chemical altogether)"

"It's out of stock"

"Can I back-order it?"

"Hmm, hmm. Let's put an order in and see what happens. No-one wants to package chemicals in Melbourne"

Make me the fifth, sixth and so on and on person to say that raw chemicals are extremely difficult to extract from Vanbar.

My fallback Bacto supplied. The price--including $33 P&P--meant that I paid just under $100 per kilo.

As ever I would appreciate any absolutely specific suggestions and contact details from those who claim access to dear old plain "Hypo" at sane prices.

If only small quantities of this chemical were needed, and overseas freight costs were not a factor, I'd gladly abandon Vanbar.

In frustration - Ross