Very nice Zone VI wooden tripod & Bogen/Manfrotto 3039 Head.

Tripod is in EX condition with a few small marks in the poly on the wood, no cracks or gouges. Legs extend easily and spread as far as you want (to the limits of the spreader cord). Tripod is 65" high with head at tallest, 44" when fully collapsed and weighs around 10lbs. Definitely not a backpacking tripod but perfect for 8X10 or larger. I just sanded down and repainted the feet with very hard acrylic black paint since they had been pressed into the ground in the past and had gotten a little surface rust. (what they are made for)

Bogen 3039 head is brand new (just purchased it) and is rated at 26lbs capacity but I believe it will hold much more. Comes with one brand new QR plate (hex type)

I got the tripod on a deal with my darkroom stuff and purchased the head in the thoughts of using it but it is just too big for my 4X5 gear and I have a Bogen 190XB tripod that is more than sufficient for my Toyo 45A.

I see this tripod for BIN on eBay for about $400 (which is too high IMHO) and the head sells new for $226 at BHPhoto.

Whole kit: $300 plus actual shipping (your choice of method)

Paypal payment preferred but I can take a MO or Check if they clear first. If you live in the US and can send the payment as a "gift" from your bank account or paypal balance it will not charge me fees. (good, I hate fees)

PM with your questions or offers.

I am open to the offer of a 360mm or equivalent lens but need it to be a "tele" style lens so I can use it on my Toyo 45A. (or at least doesn't need more than 250mm bellows draw for close focus)

More photos here: