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Maybe I should head down to Vanbar & ask them for a job packaging photographic chemicals ?
I must admit that the guy who did the chemical mixing for the motion picture lab of the New Zealand National Film Unit when I worked there in film editing did end up in Porirua (a polite local verbal evasion for the Wellington psychiatric hospital)

He always blamed the chemicals for his bipolar disorder; which climaxed with his running down one of the main streets of Wellington (Courtenay Place, for those who know Wellie) with a toy gun, shouting "It's only a movie!"

A piece of Kiwi irony found him, after his discharge from Porirua, gardening in the grounds of the Governor General's official residence at the Basin Reserve. Dunno what happened to the gun.

Be warned, those exotic chemicals can do strange things to folk, especially when you can't find the damn things.

Regards - Ross