I'm sittin' here mounting, chopping and annotating my way-late run of postcards, reflecting on what took so dang long (aside from the fact that I underprinted my first run, so I had to do an additional run). One of the things is that to print the image I picked close to the way I wanted required numerous burns and dodges, which tends to get somewhat mind-numbing and inconsistent when you're trying to fill your papersafe with exposed postcards before batch processing runs.

To avoid such lateness again, I'm want to start working on the second-next postcard exchange (June) within a week or two. If I pick an image for this next run that likewise requires numerous burns or dodges, I'd like instead to generate an internegative that incorporates all the burns and dodges I want and just contact print all my postcards.

I've never done internegatives before, and I'm not interested at this point in digital interneg processes, so to my mind this leaves two alternatives: printing the image to my satisfaction once, copying it photographically and contact printing that neg; or enlarging the print onto film, burning and dodging that, then (I guess) contact print that (positive?) to another sheet of film and use THAT for my contact prints.

If I do the copy stand thing of a print, I won't be able to go any larger than 4x5, shooting with my crown graphic. Also, I suspect that if I project the neg directly onto film, I could end up with a better result than photographing a print. I'm not positive about that, though. The print on a copy stand would be made using split filtration, but since film (all film?) is likely to have a way bigger dynamic range than any paper, perhaps an internegative made by projecting onto film wouldn't need what split filtration on paper provides.

Finally, if projecting onto film and either processing it into a direct positive(negative) or doing a subsequent film-to-film contact exposure to produce the neg is the preferred route, I'd love to use something I could process with Ansco 130, so I don't have to buy Yet Another Developer.

As an aside, I'm looking at these postcards and thinking they'd make a dandy deliverable as either product or present in the future, but to do so, I'd have to have spot on consistency from card to card, which I'm beginning to think could be done with a divided developer & use of a contact printing interneg.

Ideas anyone?