I've done internegs commercially for over 25 years. I still not sure what you're wanting to do. You have to balance the shadows and highlights with the neg film. So, You still have to dodge and burn when printing.
If you want to skip this then do a copy neg. That's what Eugene Smith did. At lease thats what my instructors have told me. Like you he hated darkroom work.
Anyways, he would make a master print and photograhed it. I'm sure that he made sure that the copy neg contained all the information he needed. So you too will have to do some home work to produce the results you desire.
You'll need to find a film that very flat and controllable.
Kodak made a film that I used but now that film maybe long pass. Ektapan Film 4162. It was a pan film that I used HC 110 for many uses. Copy, I-neg, contrast negs, and regular processing.
If you want to contact print then look for a 8x10.