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I may get hate mail for this ()

Not from me... (:
Also -- there's plenty of folks here who've rolled the hybrid analog/digital processes into their workflow. There's actually a topic here for such discussions. Unless you've requested otherwise, though, it's exempt from new post notification.
but what about making digital negs for contact printing?

For me, there's a couple of reasons. First, I find the experience of darkroom work MUCH more pleasurable than sitting at a computer [this from someone with 15+ years in IT, yet.] The most I want to do on a computer right now WRT photography is commune with other photogs on APUG & the like. Does that qualify as metaphotography? The second reason is that I get a sense that Mark Nelson's Precision Digital Negative system might be the best method around right now for doing DCNs. The fact that he's patented the process and charges various licensing fees has me in a permanent state of worry that anyone doing any kind of digital contact negs is a potential legal target or at the very least could be tied up in court for years trying to prove that either their license fees are up to date or documenting the way their own DCNs were produced is completely pure of influence from or exposure to the Precision Digital Negative process. Carried to a hopefully rediculous extreme, if commercially-produced film goes away one day in the far future, I can see the Mark's patents resulting in a compulsory tax on all images that cross the digital/analog divide.

Anyway.. I've obviously got a bug in my bu.. uh... bonnet WRT the concept of this kind of patent. It's got me paranoid enough to avoid any kind of DCN process, even if I was inclined to get out of the darkroom and in front of Photoshop long enough to do it.

I've been meaning for a few months to try and engage Mark into a discussion of these issues on APUG, but haven't gotten around to it yet, and I'm not really intending to sidetrack what I hope will be an otherwise productive thread with this rant -- but I had to stick a blurb in here to qualify my paranoia about doing any DCNs.