i just wanted to share sommething with you. i am not an eloquent writer so i will tell it how it happened. last night i went into the "darkroom " actually it is the spare bathroom, to do some light printing,i usually wait till every one in the house settles down, so that i will not be interrupted, but last night my 31/2 yr old daughter fatu (i posted a portrait of her on the standard gallery) fallowed me in for tha first time since usually i wait til she is asleep, as i set up the trays, measured developer etc... she asked me what i was doing i tried to explain it to her the she offered to help, i said ok, the started on the first neg i showed her the image on the easel, took a piece of paper and exposed, then proped up fatu on a chair so that she could see the developing tray, when i placed the paper in the tray i asked her to help me rock it back and forth, when the image started to appear she was so exited started ooing and aaing as if it was majic. after fixing i turned on the light and showed her a picture of her mother , she said "lets do it again daddy". i pray that as she grows up she takes up this great tradition. and if there are any kodak, ilford etc.. reps please take heed.