Buying a 4x5 view camera seems to have been somewhat of a mistake for me. I don't have a 4x5 enlarger, and 4x5s are a little too small for contact printing. I don't have any way to process the film (I can develop B&W in trays, but color is a different story). As if that isn't bad enough, the calumet monorail camera I bought is simply too bulky for me to take everywhere, so it sits in my room.

Instead of buying a new enlarger, a 4x5 processor, and a lighter 4x5 camera, I was thinking about a medium format view camera. The one I'm really out for is a horseman, since I, for some reason, already have a 105mm horseman lens, and all my RB67/graflok backs should mount to a horseman. I'd much prefer a press / technical camera to another monorail, so that hand-holding is possible.

In any case, make me an offer, be it a camera or money, if you're at all interested in the following:

- Calumet monorail camera (looks like this: Relatively good condition. It's not spotless, but its not grotesque either (probably closer to spotless than grotesque).
- 150mm f/5.6 Caltar type-S in a wista press shutter with front & back caps. There's some minor separation in the lens elements around the edges, but I've noticed no ill effects; it's apparently a common problem.
- about 10 (I'd have to count) double sided film holders.
- 15-20 sheets of ilford Delta 100, expired 2009-ish, kept in the fridge.
- 40-50 sheets of kodak pro 100, ~18 sheets of velvia 50, both expired 1998, but kept frozen. I bought the color film from another APUG member, who'd said it was still good when he sold it to me a few months ago. I shot a few sheets and it appears to be fine to me.
- an extra #0 lens board
- an extra sheet of ground glass. (the one on the camera is gridded, the extra seems to be marked for portraits or something)
- A bellows lens shade, appears to have a removable filter drawer and a flash shoe.
- A big metal case to hold everything in. It's pretty beat up, but it's sturdy and all the latches work.

Shipping may be a problem due to the size and weight. It was shipped to me for around $20 from Washington via parcel post, which isn't too bad, but an in-person transaction would be preferred (especially since I don't have a box big enough for this to fit in...). I live in the southern suburbs of chicago, a mile or two off of I-80 if anyone wants to take a road trip.

If you want pictures of anything, just ask, but I doubt you'll get much out of them. The only digital camera I own is the one attached to my phone, and the quality is rather "bleh".