Hello Folks,
So I have this 210mm f/5.6 Rodenstock Sironar-N MC lens that I'm looking to trade. Let me tell you about the lens. First off the lens is in good condition but has a few issues worth mention. First off there is a bit of separation of the coating on the edge of one of the elements in the front cell. This is can only be viewed from some angles. I am confident that this would have no ill effects on the image, and if the lens is stopped down a bit it would certainly be no issue. Secondly If you hold the lens up between your eye and a lightbulb you can see many marks that are only visible from this angle, I also am confident that this would not have any noticeable effect on image sharpness or contrast. And lastly, The the PC port on the shutter is no longer there, I am not sure if this has been intently removed or broken off. If you do not shoot with studio strobes this will not be of issue to you. The shutter speeds are all crisp and correct sounding. the aperture blades look immaculate and oil free. Included with the lens is the retaining ring. This is a great lens for 4x5 and 5x7 and provides plenty of movements in both formats.

Now what i'm looking for:
-A modern digital light meter, Let me know what you've got
-Any V-mount hasselblad lens that is 80mm or wider (or a 120mm f/4)
-A lens that covers 4x5 that is 90mm or wider
-A canon ef 35mm F/2
-$$$$ if you want to just buy it

shoot me an email at ben(at symbol)benzucker(dot)com