" you will not be disappointed with Cape Breton"

Well strangely enough I was disappointed with Cape Breton, and I'd have been more disappointed if there hadn't been such good fall colour on the eastern side.

If your trip needs to combine shopping opportunities with photography, you should look at the south coast of Nova Scotia west of Halifax- small towns like Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Peggy's Cove and so on. Its not a wilderness experience, but it is attractive does combine some interesting photography in places like Blue rocks, and lots of the "small fishing community" stuff that IMO is the best NS has to offer. The problem with Cape Breton is that the big views are infrequent, a bit samey and unless you're hikers, there's little specific to stop the car for. I enjoyed the Margaree Valley and Bras d'Or Lakes area better than Cape Breton itself.

These days , before I book up a trip, I'll search on Flickr to see whats been posted there to give some idea of photographic potential. Then it generally doesn't take long to find a photographer or two whose work attracts you and then review their "sets" of photographs relevant to your interest. Try a search on Cape Breton and others from Peggy's Cove, Blur Rocks Nova Scotia, Prospect Nova scotia, Mahone bay Nova Scotia, Lunenburg Nova scotia and you'll see the very different environments, one of which will appeal more that the other I'd suspect.