Have had a chance to really play with the Yashica. So, now have a couple of thoughts.

Glad I got the older LM one. Have heard of light meter problems with the 124 (due to obsolete batteries). The meter on my LM works just fine. I tracked it against my Nikon and it is right on. Ground glass seems much better than my older Yashica. And, I really missed those engraved lines. Most of my pictures have been crooked for years.

Don't need 220 film. So, that is fine.

I ordered a handle for it. Two reasons, first I need a place to put my flash, second my old arthritis makes the handle nicer. I had one for my old Yashica and now I remember why.

I had also forgotten how quiet it is. In a couple of recent situations (background noise) I actually wondered if I had taken the picture. Total absence of "blackout" because of mirror action (naturally) and no focal plane "clack".

Now, to the old enlarger to see the real work happen...

p.s. forgot to mention, the price was considerably lower than a 124