has lots of good info on classic lenses as well as links to more info. _View Camera_ magazine has done a three part series on classic lenses, as well as a number of articles on the topic, so you might check that too.

For 4x5", some good standard classic lenses in that focal length range would be the Schneider 90mm Angulon (or for somewhat more money, the later Super Angulon, which will give you more coverage), Kodak 100mm Wide-Field Ektar, and there might be a Goerz Wide-Angle Dagor in about that focal length.

Avoid those Soviet 5x7" cameras unless you want an adaptation project. The Toyo 45CF seems like a great deal, but you can find a Graphic or B&J press camera for even less, if you like that option. for info on Graflex cameras.