thanks for sharing

My son (just turned 4) has been 'helping' me in the darkroom for about a year. I say 'helping' because sometimes he really does help. His job is to drive the enlarger, operate the light switches and agitate trays. He manages pretty well. He even suggested to me one day that we should 'do printing' and took me into the darkroom where he had organised the tray and tongs... getting the sequence (colour coded red/beige/white for dev/stop/fix and the tongs are red/yellow/green ) of both trays and tongs correct! I was amazed. On the weekend he was basically doing a test strip by himself, turning the enlarger on, then closing the flaps on 'our' Test Strip masking frame (Paterson) although he managed to bump it when closing one. He also loves watching the print appear in the developer, and usually says "'ahh, magics" as it appears.

On the downside, his attention span is pretty limited at the moment, and after a couple of prints he's usually to be found messing around under the benches sorting bottles of distilled water and other junk. He's only managed to wreck a couple of pieces of paper when he came into the room un-announced (my fault for not locking the door... but he now knocks&#33 and the other day he shot out the door before I could stop him. I only put a couple of sheets of paper in the paper safe as he's sure to open that one day while the lights a on!