If youíre in the US and have a Michaelís arts & craft store in your area look at their display of ďMasterpieceĒ anti-reflection coated glass. Itís a shadow box with a butterfly inside. There are three vertical strips of different types of glass on the shadow box. The outer strips are: plain glass and textured anti-glare glass. The center strip seems to be missing until you look closer. Itís the coated Masterpiece glass and is very effective at eliminating reflections.

Itís pricy though. A 22Ē x 28Ē sheet that I had cut for a 16Ē x 20Ē print was $108. For some things itís worth it. The coatings form slicks easily when cleaning just like the coatings on a camera lens or MC filter and, of course, can be damaged much easier than plain glass.

The photos I framed in Masterpiece glass look a great deal like no glass was used. Regular glass holds back quite a bit more light. If Iíd thought of it I could have metered through both coated and uncoated glass and given you the difference in f-stops. I didnít and so I donít have the numbers, but, the difference is significant.

Michaelís frequently has framing specials that include the Masterpiece glass for a bargain price.