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Just my own take on the situation: If you want to use film and want different results from a P&S, avoid (most) zooms and, especially, something like a 28-200 (though some have the reputation of being almost decent).

Again, Why do you want to use film? What kind of pictures do you want to take?

If you want to enter a different world compared to your P&S, look for some good non-zoom lenses to start with...
The rest, again, depends on the kind of pictures you want to take.
Well, my main interest with film photography lies in the darkroom. I really hope to get familiar with developing black and white film as it is a topic which really interests me. I just figured that this Pentax would be a decent way for me to get started with film, I really like the idea of experimenting with all the different features of an slr as my point and shoot is about ten years old now. Alternative processing and photography techniques also seem very interesting and a lot of fun.

The first lens I listed wasn't a zoom though, right?
I just figured two lenses, a camera and a ton of film was a pretty decent deal.