[QUOTE=Shawn Rahman;982380]The black ring containing the meter coupling lever on my F3HP is just a tad slow to return to the desired position when I go from small to large apertures. It takes about a half second for the meter display to register the correct speed.

No problem going from large to small apertures, and otherwise the camera does not need a CLA. But I can only imagine it will get worse over time.

It appears to be a lubrication issue - and if I can somehow do this work myself, I would like to try it. Anyone have any suggestions? WD-40 a no no?


Spray some WD 40 in an empty film can, take the smallest screw driver available, dip it in the can of WD 40 and dab the lubricant at various points between the black and chrome rings. Wipe off the excess WD 40. Operate the ring a few times. Do this procedure with the lens removed and ensure the lubricant does not spill in the mirror chamber, locking the mirror and ensuring the camera bottom is away from you is of some help.A steady hand and patience are a must.

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