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Ask yourself 3 questions
What did I like on the F60?
What do I want that wasn't on the F60?
What kind of photography are you planning? (urban landscape, nature, sport, macro, natural landscape, portraits, all of the above)
Answers to these and it will help you (and us) get a better idea as to the ideal camera for your needs.
The first thing I loved about the F60 was the feel. It's bigger than some models like some Rebels and F65. It felt solid and felt good when I put it up to my face. (Odly enough, I kept trying the Rebel and it just felt funny to me..must be the grip or something that doesn't agree with my hands..)

I did like the extra features the F65. I find d-o-f preview interesting, would like a remote and because I'm still at a learning stage, would like exposure bracketing. Multiple exposure sounds an interesting toy. Artistic composition straight on the film.

Yup, that's the kind of stuff I'd like.