I've been doing quite a bit of reading on the topic. I was disheartened when I saw the price on the 4x5 PFG-03c plates. Plus these plates will fog without exposure, so you need to have a clearing brew on hand to defog them ( possibly ) prior to use. Also, while there is a fair bit of discussion about creating them ( mostly arcane & theoretical ), the people who have successfully made them are extraordinarily few and far between.

But I have not abandoned the idea of trying. What I have found is
1. You don't have to use the full color plates, you can get by with the film, but you won't get a full color spectrum ( as far as my little brain can figure ). So you could at least find out if you can get the inference pattern recorded.
2. You can't fix the plates as it will shrink/alter the inference pattern you are trying to record on the surface of the emulsion. So they have a couple developer formulas that include a bit of hypo in the developer, but you don't want the plates ( after developing ) to be in full sunlight.
3. The 10 deg Weirner prism is just a glass plate cut at a 10deg bevel, but it needs to be big enough to cover the image. It just so happens I have an assortment of these from 1 to 20deg, but they are only 1" square. I have not been able to find a source for purchasing the prisms.
4. You can make your own DCG plates. These are gelatine coated plates that you sensitize with Ammonium Dichromate. But I'm not clear as to many factors in using the DCG plates, like if they will work with the air-film reflection & how you develop the plates & if the plates need to soaked in H2O for viewing.

But, I would be interested in splitting an order of the 2 1/2" plates ( 30 for $95 ) . That way were only out $50 - $60 when/if the whole thing falls flat.