I know hereīs a quite few experts familiar with De Vere 504 enlarger. I wish you could give an advice how to fix my enlarger.

I recently bought one with cream/beige dichroic head. As I was assembling the parts I noticed it has something missing which has something to do with counterbalancing the head when turning the focus lock/friction knob. As I turned the knob without the head in place the bellows got stretched and the upper part of the bellows was flown up until the columnīs end.

I know thereīs something missing (the weights perhaps) because thereīs a cable hanging loose inside the column. Iīd love to fix it. Otherwise I believe I will eventually break the bellows when forgetting not to touch the focus friction knob.

I know that when I have it assembled with the head, it will counterbalance more with itīs weight but does anyone have an opinion or explantion why thereīs that mechanism removed? Or was it broken?

I would be very grateful for your help or experience with this particular problem.