There are a few brick and mortar stores I still frequent. The sales guys are enthusiasts and their hands smell like thiosulfate, just like mine do. I go there and spend some money now and then just to ensure they will be there tomorrow. Most of the time I find that my questions will not get answered by a person I can drive and see. I will have to ask questions at a place like this or others like it and then the "value add" is not there - the item has just become a commodity. I will buy it on-line because no one added value to it by helping me see if it was the right product for me. I still may not buy it from the lowest bidder though. I like stores I can trust. B&H never did me wrong and always made things right. Another store in NY took 4 months to fill an order and they are as big as B&H - So - pay where value is added is my motto - if a local camera store can help you find a product you really need help with, pay the premium. - Frank