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My wife has been hardened ... occasionally, I&#39;ll run upstairs with a wet print --- &quot;Look at this&#33;&#33;&#33;&quot;..... </td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>

Sounds like my hubby and son. Yet my husband has nabbed one of every postcard I have done for the exchange. He has them at his office and shows them off to anyone who will listen to him. My son I overheard during a work session in my digital camera class extoling how much better my analog photography was than the digital thi9ngs I was doing. So there is hope for all beleagured family members that have us running to show off our lateset images.

On the topic, I have the start of the excitment when I find something that moves me to take the picture. Then when I am agitating the SS tank I have that eager can&#39;t wait to open it feeling. Once it comes out and I can inspect it, I feel a rush when I see something I want to print. The real excitment comes in the darkroom. the workprint may not be technically correct in manner, but it gives me the image and if it is in focus. That is the beginning of the hard work. The calculating of how you will maybe crop, the buring and doging, the estimation of the correct filter and times. To me it is magical and I doubt I will ever tire of it. I too have done the digital thing, and for the moment feel pretty good I have finally figured out the digigizmo. But those images will never ever replace the rush I have in the darkroom. They have become a good tool to tell me in the field if the image will look good. It is for me a better tool than having a polaroid. It also helps when I am photographing a place and the woner or caretaker comes around following me asking questions. I just put the digigizmo in their hands, and they are contented taking pictures of their own. I have later taken a disk back to them with files of their pictures. Builds good will. This way I can still have access to places that most never get into. </td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
this is EXACTLY how I feel about it - amen&#33;