I have had a vintage Kodak Glass Chemical Mixing Flask sitting in a box for almost a year. I had plans to build a shelf along side my other Kodak collection for it, but never got around to it. It is about a foot tall, and has a Kodak advertisement pressed into the glass bottom. It is not chipped or damaged, and is actually quite nice. If I did not need room in my studio, I would not be selling it.

I will get photos posted ASAP, but thought I would go ahead and judge interest. FYI, I will ship this by any carrier you wish, but it will not go into a flat rate box and insurance is required. Requiring Insurance is something I never do, but this thing deserves it.

In case you are interested, this was used in a lab here in Memphis (well, I don't know if it was used, but it lived there most of its life). The lab was part of a camera shop here in Memphis, one of the first Kodak processing labs in the country and actually routinely visited by Eastman himself. I know this might mean nothing to some of you, but I think its pretty cool.

In any case, Paypal is fine (gift option please), International shipping is fine as well, PM me with your info and I will calculate it out for you.