The following books are still available:

Platinum & Palladium Printing, 1st edition by Dick Arentz
Condition: Very Good
Synopsis: The first edition of the modern description covering the craft and science of platinum and palladium printing, 165 pages, Softback.
Price: $85 shipped to any US address.

Breaking the Rules A Photo Media Cookbook, 2nd edition, by Bea Nettles
Condition: Fair
Synopsis: A handbook for experimental photography and printing. 56 pages, Softback
Price: $5 + shipping

The Ansel Adams Guide, Basic Techniques of Photography Book 2 by John P. Schafer
Condition: Good
Synopsis: This volume provides guides to several different alternative printing processes including palladium , salt, and VDB along with non metallic printing processes, 386 pages, Softback.
Price: $20 + shipping.

Gumoil Photographic Printing, revised edition by Karl P. Koenig
Condition: Excellent
Synopsis: This book is a how-to containing step by step instruction for making Gum-Oil prints, a combination of gum Arabic, ammonium dichromate and oil based pigments or paints, 147 pages, Softback.
Price: $20 + shipping

Photographic Possibilities: The Expressive Use of Ideas, Materials, and Processes by Robert Hirsch
Condition: Very Good
Synopsis: Compendium of alternative photographic processes and techniques
Price: $10 + shipping.