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So a lens like this would be preferable?
I have lots of prime lenses, ranging from 17mm to 300mm and everything in-between. I also have some zooms.

It seems to me, there is a lot of snobbery about prime vs "zoom" lenses, forgetting that zooms can do what prime lenses are unable to (as well as vice-versa)

Sure, in general, primes of a given focal length have wider apertures than corresponding zooms: and that would appear to be their chief advantage.

On the other hand, any zoom can cover a wide range of focal lengths and permits in-camera cropping without a change of perspective (a point rarely mentioned, if at all). People often say you can "zoom" (or crop) using your legs, what they forget is that doing so changes the perpective of the shot, and the resulting image so obtained looks quite different to one that would have been obtained obtained using a zoom lens from the original viewpoint.

In any case, who wants to be constantly changing lenses (and carting them about all day, often not even needed).

Actually, the two zooms you get with your deal are excellent for starters: don't listen to the knockers.