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Anyone still reading this thread??


This company sells the plates which Bjelkhagen used for his Lippmann plates. It looks as though purchasing the PFG-03c is fairly expensive, at least for one person. The minimum quantity looks to be 25 at 237 euros (about $320) PLUS shipping I'm sure, from russia, at 3.3 kG. Probably pretty expensive.

HOWEVER, a joint purchase would make this more viable. If there's interest, let me know or PM me. I'll inquire about smaller quantities.

UPDATE: Ok, so i added it to my basket to check shipping and it doesn't offer the US as a shipping location! What a blow to our egocentricity! I'll investigate futher...... ok, done. Looks like there is a distributor in San Francisco, and the prices are more reasonable.

Do a search in the plate camera forum for sources of slavich plates.

tim in san jose