HI Mike:
Welcome to the group. As I am sure you are discovering, you are in the company of folks like yourself. It is a nice oasis for those who seek to express themselves with chemical imagery who are also obsessed (yes) with creating images that are worth occupying a wall - or a special place on the coffee table!

My name is Frank Hovie, I am a Southern California native. I live in Palmdale - north of Los Angeles and shoot almost all formats 16mm to 4x5. My passion is 4x5 monochrome. I do my own processing and mix my own chemicals. My darkroom is a converted closet in my home office. It makes it kind of hard to work sometimes! I am a product of the late '50s and am focused on creating art from landscapes and people as part of the landscape. I also love still life and do portraits in MF as well. -Frank