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Hi. Probably what you are seeing inside the column is just the spring. The Devere top stage will always want to shoot to the top of the column when it doesn't have a head attached. When you put your head on, it will contain a counterweight that should solve your problem. (The counterweight on my Ilford head is about 5kg of steel.)

Nice to hear it has a safety mechanism although mine might not work at the moment.

Also with this particular column it is actually impossible to fly out because the column is not open from the top. Only danger is for the bellows.

Now I have finished assembling it and everything seems alright. In fact I am thrilled with my enlarger and itīs so much brighter than I expected. And the knobs beneath the board are a bliss. Upgrading from Kaiser to De Vere is a joy.

My only minor inconvenience is the fan which is very noisy to my ear. Perhaps the cooling fan is exhausted. It seems to do itīs job but is very loud. Have any of you guys changed it? Perhaps a regular computer fan could work?

Please let me know if you have tips for this one. Thanks everyone for the previous replies, I am very grateful for your time and effort!