I've gotten a few nice ones but nothing on the scale of what people are talking about here:

- Rolleicord IV, needs a CLA but decent condition otherwise for $35.
- Olympus 35 DC for $8 (spent about 12 hours addressing issues but is in good condition now).
- Canonet 17 QL III for $15.
- Cosina CX-2 for $6 (film advance stuck, turning via the motor drive slot got it loose enough again). I feel like I should sell now, given the crazy price they go for due to the Lomo craze. I have a hard time justifying holding on to it honestly.

I had a chance at a cheaper Leica deal but couldn't do it. An elderly couple were wandering around a camera store looking for a good bag for their digital camera. Evidently they were really into photography a long time back but preferred to instantly share pictures with grandchildren after taking them now. They mentioned that they were going up to the counter in a minute to find out if their Leica M3 and dozen lenses were worth anything. They didn't really figure they were worth much but thought they'd ask anyway. At one point, they asked me if I'd be interested in them.

I probably could have lowballed them and walked away with it but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't afford a fair price for their kit anyway so I politely turned them down. I passed on info on rough worth and places to go to sell it.

It was the right thing to do but damn.. it would have been awesome getting an opportunity to shoot with a setup like his.