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I think it's time to upgrade the enlarger that first got me through the entry in the darkroom years ago, a very old Beleser 45. It's a great piece of equipment, but has a drawbacks that seem to get more annoying the more experienced I get. There's supporting rods on the chassis that run down to the baseboard which get in the way when dodging and burning. Its a pain to align, I've only tried it once. When I have the head up high it's bot super sturdy. And I'd like to have more height available as I'd like to eventually get into printing 16x20.

I've checked out all the Besler enlargers and the 45V-XL seems to be the big daddy of enlargers. This is ideal as I have the 45s dichro head which I would plan on using with it and also Beseler lens boards for my lenses. I also like that you can mount it directly to the wall... excellent!

My main question is, would I be nuts to buy this new? For the chassis only I don't think it's outrageously priced, especially for the most important piece of equipment in the darkroom. I've been looking on ebay for months and they never come up.

What are your suggestions and opinions?
You might wish to check out a Besler CB7. Steady as a rock, holds alignment well, has motorized focusing, and comes on an adjustable table. You can remove the 4x5 head and install an 8x10 if you wish. Try it, you'll like it.