Hi Lee from Cincinnati and welcome!

The two main gatherings in the area have been at John's in NE Ohio and Photostock up in Northern Michigan hosted by Bill Schwab. My schedule has not been gracious enough to make it to John's yet. I hope that changes this year. Unfortunately Photostock 2010 has been canceled but there are a many who are still heading up there towards the end of June. Look for a post about Going Rouge!!

Also, it's likely that some folks in the area are going to try and coordinate a small get together in conjunction with an exhibit here in Cinci at the Taft Museum this summer.
See this link: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum56/7...45-1945-a.html

I know there are other discussions about doing something this year in the KY, Southern Ohio, Indiana areas this year as well.

I spent an evening and day at Clifton Gorge, Glen Helen, and John Brian a couple years ago with a fellow APUG member and would love to get back there. Just gorgeous. Maybe we can coordinate something.

Take care and hope to meet you and burn some film this year.