Good morning;

The subject of storing camera bodies is well known. Anyone else have any suggestions for the lenses that go onto those cameras?

For mine, I do put the caps on them, and they are inside plastic bags with a small packet of silica gel also. The only thing a little different that I do with my lenses is to set the aperture ring to the smallest f stop (f:16, f:22, et cetera) to allow the springs inside the lens to fully relax and avoid having them "take a set" and perhaps function only sluggisly later. Most of my lenses are Minolta ROKKOR and the lens aperture or diaphragm is held open at the maximum aperture for focusing by the camera body linkage system. When the shutter is released, the pin on the back of the lens mount is allowed to move and the aperture leaves close down by the springs inside the lens.

Anyone have any other thoughts on storing lenses also? (Aside from not in the garage, basement, or trunk or boot of the car.)