I read Leica Book from www.imx.nl website and I got few ideas , I am not sure I got it right .

I will try to explain with my poor english.

First , you focused the camera and took a picture. The front and back of the focused image have bokeh and they have contains different aberration ratios and this is Leica designed feature.

Second , You must decide which aberration to correct first , second etc. This gives the lenses character.

Third , MTF tests measure the resolved lines count. I looked to modern Leica lenses and Leitz lenses comparison , MTF Charts have dark grey whites at the modern lenses , for old lenses white is white.

Because you can correct the aberration with thinking first resolution or thinking first contrast

New lenses are sharper but sees less texture ,less light shadow games and no natural light. New lenses have such a cleaned , deleted , steryl sharp pictures.

Colors are studio colors like acrylic colors of Warhol. Not like antique pigments of church painting. Cheaper they are , got the eye of a young photographer.

Do you agree ? Do you have something to add ?

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac