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Just an update as you say: I tried the rebranded Freestyle/Fote poly paper and it didn't have any black. At least the box I got. If Forte was cutting corners on a great paper so that Freestyle could dump it I don't get it. If a paper has no black you couldn't give it to me. And so it goes.....
Actually, I've been through about a half-dozen boxes of 100 of both Arista.EDU VC RC and VC FB without any problems. My experience has been that it was identical to Polygrade V in all respects.

BTW: Private-labeling isn't "dumping" of paper below cost. Simply put, the retailer buys the stuff direct (no markup from a distributor like Omega-Satter) and incurs the costs of marketing itself. It's a great arrangement for both parties - as long as the production schedules are kept reasonably sane. I've no idea whether or not this agreement caused Forte to come to any grief but I suppose it's possible.