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I am 60 now and have played music since I was about 6, playing professionally, on and off, from age 14, and like MetaGeorge, music is very visual for me. I see scales, keys, timbre, rhythm, timbre, everything.

But for me a photograph is a glimpse into silence, even photographs of scenes that are noisy. I have never associated music with anything visual, not painting, sculpture, photography, nothing.

And I never listen to music in the darkroom. It is either silence or talk radio. After a long session, I often play some music (not a recording, I mean an instrument) to relax.
I am a semi-pro musician but I don't tend to listen to much music whilst I'm doing something such as darkroom work. When I concentrate on something, my mind seems to mask out the music I don't remember listening to any of it.

I did listen to som Brian Setzer Orchestra whilst setting up some darkroom equipment a few days ago though.

For a musician, my record collection is quite small. I just prefer live music really.