A summary of comments on the cards that have arrived since I last commented:

BlackDog – “Really” early light #2 – the first shafts of day start to penetrate the evening gloom. This might be a time to put the shadows on zone 4 (even if you are not into the zone system I hope you get my drift) It also could be a case of pushing development to expand an inherently low contrast scene.

Crispink – Abandon Iceland - A hauntingly barren fantastic colour print. Oh the life that the original builder put in to establish on such a site. Also good old Velvia..

KWhitmore – Gift shop of horrors – Great full tonal range and a sharp print. I hope you know the growling subject. Otherwise the …of horrors part would make a lot more sense.

markrewald - Snowy parking meter A great capture of a fleeting scene, with a neat tiny accent of the figure starting to cross the street. I really like the black margin that you did to hold the light toned image from spilling to the paper edge.

OMU – dock covered n snow – Nice and delicate with the great reflections in the still water to provide a contrasting surface to that which the snow presents. The off kilter horizon as shown in the water line on my print is kind of a turn off to me, though.

RobSkeotch – Mont Blanc. There is certainly evidence of an expert eye to have used the orange filter to put just the right amount of contrast punch into this image. Stunningly crisp optics at play are also visible here.

TimGrey – Enjoy the first snow – I like the way that the grass is covered, but the shrubbery is not, and how there are no piles of snow turned ice that show up later in the year. I think it was worth it getting this first snow shot, even though you took all of the rest of the snow last winter that I usually end up getting to shovel where I live.

Trotkiller – Taz Lighthouse. A nice scene – but did it really need stand development? The print shows great details but the overall effect is low in contrast from the way I would have printed it.