Thanks guys, there is a lot of useful info in there.

I am a bit of a luddite, I only use full analogue techniques to make prints. Yes, I have a digital camera, I use it to take snaps for websites, to take pictures of shutters and lenses when I dismantle them (in case I can't get them back together...) and yes I take pictures of the kids to email to people. But, I never dabble with hybrid photography. Never done it, not interested. I own a scanner but only use it for documents (copying my expenses receipts ;-) I've never scanned my negatives (I don't have a negative scanner...) and I never print digitally - not even the pics of the kids.

Consequently... I'm pretty useless at this stuff. I suspect those who dabble with a touch of the hybrids may be the one who take to the gallery the easiest.

So... ironically, any reluctance to discuss making digital images for uploading would disadvantage those like me, who are the most traditional and least interested (and competent) at digital.

I'm glad therefore Dave allowed a thread on this. I think a sticky of some of the advice given here could be advantageous. It is certainly useful to me.