Hi all,

I did my first C41 today. With a kit from Rollei (DIGIBASE C-41 Film Kit for 10 to 12 films). This is a four-bath process: developer, bleach, fix, stabilizer.

The developer goes bad quickly (hours, days). Therefore I saved up 6 films and developed them today, one after the other. 3x 135 (Superia 400, Gold 200, Ektar) and 3x 120 (Reala 2x, Provia cross-processed).

Problem is that the three 35mm films all show pronounced drying spots of some sort. The 120 films are completely devoid of messy stuff. The spots look like mineral residue, but then I did use demineralised water for the final stabilizer bath. I did not squeegee the films, neither the 120's nor the 135's. The spots are on the shiny, non-emulsion side only.

All films were dried the same way: hung up in a dust-free closet at room temperature (18 degrees centigrade or so). No squeegee for any. No rinse after the stabilizer bath. Demineralised water used for the stab-bath, tap water for the other baths.

What's going on? Anybody have a clue? Is this mineral deposit from somewhere? Something from the stabilizer bath perhaps?

Two things are really weird about this:
1. I used demi-water for the stab-bath and still get what look like drying marks from minerals,
2. The 120 films are perfect, and so are the 135 films, but only on the emulsion side- the shiny side is a mess.

The sample below is from the Superia 400 135-36 film. Note: the round whitish blur on Joe's black belly is sun flare.

I'm at a loss- any help much appreciated