It looks like the stabilizer does not have a good surfactant. I'm regularly battling similar issues because of hard water, but mine is not as bad as yours. Things to try:

* add just a bit of fotoflo to the stab.
* dilute your stabilizer, yours might be a bit too concentrated
* try different stab/final rinse. Kodak makes a good one
* distilled water for the final rinse
* (Don't tell PE about this one) use fotoflo for the final rinse instead of stabilizer. You WILL risk shorter negative lifetime, but they will come out much cleaner for that one print/scan session you are planning to do. Definitely don't do this option if you want archival quality.

On the bright side, the stuff can be cleaned up with PEC pads and PEC negative cleaner. Be super careful since chances of scratching are very high. But please, don't try to clean the emulsion side - that one is sacred!